If you require a new or replacement water connection from an existing water main Omwasco Water can provide expert advice and a professional, efficient service.

New or replacement connections are normally requested when:

  1. A New property (or a small number of properties) is built.
  2. An existing property wishes to connect to our network for the first time.
  3. An existing property is demolished and new property or properties are being constructed.
  4. An existing property is on a common supply and requires a separate supply.
  5. An existing property is divided into multiple properties, for example flats.
  6. There is an increase in water usage, which requires a larger sized water connection
  7. An existing water service pipe is relocated
  8. A building water or temporary supply is required
  9. A supply is needed for agricultural purposes for example a trough

In order to have your property connected to our water supply you will have to:

  1. Ensure that the internal plumbing complies with the standards now laid down by Government in the Water Supply (Water Fittings)
  2. Lay the underground private service pipe between the property and the boundary of the street in which our water main is located, making sure that the pipe has been laid to the required standards. Where this pipe passes through someone else\'s land, you will have to get their permission and arrange for a legal easement for the pipe in their land
  3. Either pay our costs of laying a connecting pipe in the highway and making a connection to our water main; or arrange for a contractor authorised by the Highway Authority to excavate a trench in the highway and pay our costs of making the connection to the water main only
  4. Copy of national id, copy of title deed or letter of introduction from the sub chief or chief indicating the land parcel number.
  5. Pay a water infrastructure charge depending on purpose for water consumption.




















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